We value our relationship with coffee roasters for being the bridge between production and the consumers. We are looking for roasters that share our values of ethical, sustainable, and organic connections to coffee with direct relationships with the farmers. 

We also want ethical roasters to support Café Orígenes. When you source Café Orígenes coffee, you will receive high-scoring specialty coffee, materials to show your clients what makes Café Orígenes approach unique in the coffee industry, access to data about our farmers, and an invitation to visit Peru and get to know these farmers directly. 

We invite you to become a Café Orígenes partner. Partners make long-term commitments to one or more farmer families. Partners go on a journey with a family as they increase production, improve quality and transform their lives. It’s a big commitment and to show our appreciation partners receive:

  • Yearly reports detailing the improvements made in production, quality and income of the farmers. 
  • Photos and videos highlighting the relationship between the Café Orígenes partner and farmers and how that relationship has impacted the farmer.

If you are interested in samples, please be in touch with us so we can send you our Sample Packet! 

Share this journey with your customers and taste the impact of your long-term commitment.

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